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Gretsch Electromatic
This bass had a cracked headstock, it has been gigged ever since fixing.
Squier 5 String
Some issues with the electrics, fully cleaned up and back working
Epiphone Les Paul
This custom model has been fully serviced and cleaned to bring out the finish
Epiphpone Jumbo
Restrung and fully serviced, all gig ready
Mexican Stratocaster
Upgraded with stainless steel frets
Fender Stratocaster
Restring along with action and intonation setup
Gibson SG Melody Maker
Gibson Melody maker has been overhauled and restored to its former glory
Fender Precision
Ready to be gigged again after a full overhaul
Gibson Lucille
Fully cleaned electrics and setup.
Taylor Acoustic
The neck has been deep cleaned to remove years of grime build up
Fender Stratocaster
Very Rare Strat Fully serviced to be used again
Locking Tremolo
A tremol-no system, designed to switch from trem to hardtail
Epiphone 335 Dot
Full servied to bring out that amazing finish
Fender Stratocaster
Left Handed sitting in its case after a full service
Korean Fender
Fret-dressed to impress!
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Merida Classical
Electro Classical in for a restring, plays great and looks it too.
Custom Telecaster
3 Pickups, B bender tele. Great guitar, such a fun instrument
Fender Stratocaster
USA Strat, serviced before going on a cruise ship tour
Cort Electric Guitar
Machine head repair and setup
Cleat Crack
Thin crack in the top of an acoustic has been fixed and reinforced
Electro Acoustic
Setup and service, all good to go
Telecaster Setup
Cleaned and setup, with a fresh set of strings
Epiphone SG
Fully setup and sounds much brighter and feels new
Tanglewood Acoustic
Hadn't been used in a while, now great for a beginner to learn
Yamaha Acoustic
A slight crack in the top, has been reinforced and secured.
Ibanez Bass
5 String Bass came with high action and leaves me feeling brand new
Fender Telecaster
Humbucker Telecaster serviced for a student at BIMM
Fender Stratocaster
New Pickups ready for a BIMM Manchester Tutor
George's Strat
This Fender means a lot to George, stainless steel frets fitted and he loves it
Headstock Repair
This Acoustic had a broken headstock, all sorted now
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